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Add magic to your everyday with our Magic stretch styles!
Our Magic Stretch series is filled with comfortable trousers and skirts that are an essential part of your everyday wardrobe.
Magic Stretch styles come in both length A and B, where length B is for those who desire a bit more length.
Explore all our comfortable Magic Stretch styles - you won't regret it!

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  1. Harlequin drops jacket
    Harlequin drops jacket
    239,00 EUR
  2. Harlequin drops pants
    Harlequin drops pants
    139,00 EUR
  3. Harlequin drops knickers
    Harlequin drops knickers
    139,00 EUR
  4. Harlequin drops jumpsuit
    Harlequin drops jumpsuit
    259,00 EUR
  5. Magic stretch jumpsuit
    Magic stretch jumpsuit
    229,00 EUR
  6. Magic stretch pants
    Magic stretch pants
    189,00 EUR
  7. Magic stretch skirt
    Magic stretch skirt
    189,00 EUR
  8. Magic stretch trousers with pockets
    Magic stretch trousers with pockets
    189,00 EUR
  9. Magic stretch jacket
    Magic stretch jacket
    229,00 EUR
  10. Magic stretch long skirt
    Magic stretch long skirt
    189,00 EUR
  11. Playing cards pants
    Playing cards pants
    139,00 EUR
  12. Playing cards knickers
    Playing cards knickers
    139,00 EUR
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