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An atmosphere of celebration and whimsical play of colors flows through this high summer collection.
With inspiration from the 1960s, minimalist elegance and large graphic prints are encapsulated.
The collection buzzes with the carefree simplicity of summer, and contains an unpretentious and cheeky version
of embellished dresses with both swing in the skirts and a little feather on them.
We welcome the parties of the season!

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  1. Senmei dress
    Senmei dress
    289,00 EUR
  2. Senmei dress with buttons
    Senmei dress with buttons
    259,00 EUR
  3. Senmei dress with elastic
    Senmei dress with elastic
    299,00 EUR
  4. Senmei jacket
    Senmei jacket
    199,00 EUR
  5. Senmei skirt
    Senmei skirt
    189,00 EUR
  6. Senmei shorts
    Senmei shorts
    169,00 EUR
  7. Floating flowers sleeveless dress
    Floating flowers sleeveless dress
    259,00 EUR
  8. Floating flowers dress
    Floating flowers dress
    229,00 EUR
  9. Cut-out collage t-shirt
    Cut-out collage t-shirt
    99,00 EUR
  10. Airy linen long dress
    Airy linen long dress
    269,00 EUR
  11. Airy linen dress
    Airy linen dress
    329,00 EUR
  12. Airy linen jumpsuit
    Airy linen jumpsuit
    349,00 EUR
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