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Good basics are essential in your wardrobe as they are timeless and go with everything.
Mix and match your everyday wear with super comfortable and feel-good styles.

With a classic t-shirt, simple cut trousers, Magic stretch skirt, basic slip dress - you can easily put together a great outfit every day.
Explore our favourites for a great all-round basic wardrobe.

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  1. Osaka organic cotton t-shirt
    Osaka organic cotton t-shirt
    64,99 GBP
  2. Magic stretch pants
    Magic stretch pants
    169,00 GBP
  3. Globe rib tank top
    Globe rib tank top
    64,99 GBP
  4. Shita slip dress
    Shita slip dress
    64,99 GBP
  5. Osaka organic cotton dress
    Osaka organic cotton dress
    88,99 GBP
  6. Sensai dress
    Sensai dress
    85,00 GBP
  7. Sensai blouse
    Sensai blouse
    58,99 GBP
  8. Logo pima cotton t-shirt
    Logo pima cotton t-shirt
    75,00 GBP
  9. Magic stretch long skirt
    Magic stretch long skirt
    158,99 GBP
  10. Magic stretch skirt
    Magic stretch skirt
    85,00 GBP
  11. Magic stretch skirt b lenght
    Magic stretch skirt b lenght
    85,00 GBP
  12. Magic stretch skirt with pleat
    Magic stretch skirt with pleat
    115,00 GBP
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