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Bitte Kai Rand is the creative director of the Copenhagen-based brand.

She trained at the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion & Design in the ’70s, and then went on to the Royal Danish Academy, from which she graduated with honours in 1979. She founded her company and brand vision in 1981, and has been a key proponent of strong Scandinavian tailoring, bold layering and structured suiting for four decades and counting.


“I never tire from my work. I love contrasts and I love opposing conventions. There must be something at stake, something that challenges your eye.

If you’re wearing a tight, minimalist jacket it should be softened with a whimsical ruffled scarf. If you’ve put on a feminine skirt, it should be styled with men’s suspenders and leather brogues. It is the interplay between opposites that bring sparkles to my eyes. I prefer the unpredictable.” 



Anemone Skjoldager

She has graduated from the Royal Danish Academy, and she joined the company in 2010. She was drawn to the brand’s daring use of color, unconventional boldness and energetic approach to contemporary design –  and of course the infectious charisma of Bitte herself.

Today Anemone loves drawing new prints, conjuring up new colour schemes and falling in love again and again with a perfectly fitting dress.


“I’m a playful dresser and I love to mix old flea market finds with new items. Our collections allow you to feel put together and dressed for the occasion without having to opt for a conventional minimalistic wardrobe in fifty shades of black and grey. Bitte is a true rebel who is more concerned with challenging our routines than serving commercial ends. She allows all of us to pursue our passion and creative drive.

It is this unabashed trust in our team and her own gut feeling that is the secret to the success of the brand.” 


Lise Juul Rasmussen

She has trained at the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion & Design, then at École Duperré in Paris, and finally at the Royal Danish Academy. An avid fan of the clean Japanese aesthetics and architectural references, Lise felt right at home when she joined Bitte the design team in 2016.

She adores the contemporary masculine-feminine Garçonne look and is the first to pick up a pair of pleated men’s pants to go with a dapper oversize coat. 


“It is a privilege to work with a truly authentic designer who has been a household name in the Danish fashion scene the past four decades.

I cherish coming to work every single day. We understand each other, we share the same design language, and new ideas and outrageous inputs are always welcomed.

At Bitte Kai Rand we can laugh, cry and dream together.”