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At BITTE KAI RAND, we have decided that our products must primarily come from responsible and sustainable sources. Therefore, in spring 2021, we initiated a conversion in close collaboration with our suppliers and FSC ® Denmark to meet the high FSC certification requirements.

We can now proudly report that BITTE KAI RAND was FSC ® certified (FSC C171118) in October 2021 and that our first FSC-certified products will be coming online and in shops in January 2022.

We will continue to work towards all BITTE KAI RAND viscose products being FSC certified by the end of 2025, which will be a journey we will take together with our suppliers.

BITTE KAI RAND was FSC certified with a desire to take responsibility for our behaviour and the footprint that our products leave behind. Therefore, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, both in our operations and down through the value chain.


 BITTE KAI RAND FSC certificeret


This means that we actively work at BITTE KAI RAND to reduce the climate impact since FSC viscose is one of our preferred qualities. An FSC-certified viscose product is your guarantee that the viscosity wood fibre comes from responsibly managed forests and that we thereby help ensure proper working conditions, both in the forest and in production. Furthermore, FSC certified viscose ensures that the forest remains in balance, that we take care of biodiversity and protect the rivers, streams and lakes that ultimately ensure better drinking water.

We know that sustainability means a lot to our customers, and therefore, we see it as our role to make it easy to choose FSC-certified products so that you, as a BITTE KAI RAND customer, can also help ensure consideration for nature, wildlife and the people in the forest.

We hope to help motivate other brands and suppliers to join BITTE KAI RAND on the journey towards more sustainable and transparent fashion industry.

“It’s crucial that we have companies like BITTE KAI RAND who choose to take responsibility for where their raw materials come from and how their products are manufactured. It means a difference for the forests. It means a difference for the workers behind the products. It means a difference for nature and wildlife. It means a difference to the climate. And it means a difference for customers! So, we look forward to helping BITTE KAI RAND on the journey towards responsible and sustainable production and hope that the industry will follow their call and join the journey!” Loa Worm, Strategic Director, FSC Denmark